Project Management Experience Tested And Proven In The Field


IPMG project managers follow best practice project management principles by preparing comprehensive project management plans, facilitating specifications and tender documentation and managing contractors and
sub-contractors to achieve timely presentation of deliverables and by effectively and discreetly where necessary, liaising with, and reporting to stakeholders on progress against agreed key performance indicators.

IPMG also has a strong construction management and site supervision team capable of ensuring all works comply with the client’s needs in terms of design, quality, environmental and OHS performance. For major construction activities it’s clear you need on the ground eyes and ears watching over every aspect to contractor and subcontractor works.

IPMG offers the following services:

During project planning, IPMG will follow best practice planning principles by evaluating client defined objectives and reviewing potential options via a thorough analysis and Value Management process. Recommendations to the client for suggested preferred design and implementation methodology will thus be generated, clearly establishing client interests and required outcomes. Robust project documentation is developed at all stages of projects, particularly during the planning phase. Project briefs are developed in consultation with Client organisations and other key stakeholders on all IPMG projects, as the first critical sign off point. All critical elements of IPMG projects are planned utilising comprehensive Project Management Plans, as part of our internal Quality Management System. Due to the flexibility of IPMG’s project management methodologies, all project documentation is able to be generated in client’s internal preferred format, or IPMG format.
IPMG are experienced in the facilitation of all levels of design, from Client internal design, review and assessment to multi-level, Client, Consultant, Contractor and third party (regulatory) design and specification preparation. From feasibility through to final design, on-site assessments and reviews through to production of final as-constructed plans and drawings, IPMG can assist client in ensuring final deliverables are fit for purpose and meet defined client needs and objectives. Stakeholder involvement, well defined and documented design processes and outcomes, defined review and sign off processes, and efficient management and control processes ensure design quality and integrity.
IPMG has extensive experience in Tender preparation and evaluation, throughout Private and Public Enterprise.

IPMG has been involved in the preparation of tender documentation based on both unique Client-specified conditions of contract and standard conditions of contract such as Australian Standards.

All tenders are evaluated according to pre-defined tender evaluation plans, with the process fully detailed and documented. Evaluations are all conducted in a transparent manner, ensuring Probity throughout the process. At all times IPMG will work within defined conditions of tendering, either client internal conditions or Australian Standard best practice conditions.
IPMG has experience in dealing with a wide range of stakeholders. Balancing community and client expectations, along with those of other stakeholders is an integral part of our project management services. Processes may involve stakeholder reviews and analysis, investigative studies, planning consultation and review processes, defining key performance issues and transparent reporting and consultative processes.

IPMG will identify and analyse key stakeholders, including needs analysis, and identify opportunities for co-operative and collaborative action, including analysis of stakeholder potential resource allocations and conduct desktop data analyses.
Integrated project assessment during feasibility and planning stages, incorporating risk, financial, social and environmental factors forms a core element of IPMG project delivery system. IPMG will assist clients as required in project evaluation, to ensure that projects selected for development by the Council produce required value added outcomes and facilitate the achievement of key Council business and strategic objectives.

Project reporting and review processes form an integral part of IPMG’s project management processes. Project Managers currently utilise various Client-based reporting systems along with current industry reporting tools such as MS Project and Prima Vera P3e.

All current projects are managed in line with IPMG’s internal ISO 9001 based quality management system. IPMG project managers ensure close Client interaction at all times, allowing them to provide ongoing, up to date verbal reporting at any time as required.

IPMG will undertake evaluation and assessment of projects and programs including impacts, financial and economic evaluations (including preparation of BCR projections), risk assessments, risk management and the development and monitoring of project schedules are all integral elements of IPMG’s project management methodology.

Utilise financial and operations risk analyses for assessing project key performance indicators, allowing for end user sensitivity analysis projections. Investigate and make recommendations regarding possible impacts and perform project risk analyses, identifying possible project constraints (financial, social, environmental, political, physical). Report and provide mitigation solutions for any potential risks/issues raised and compare all proposed project solutions against the ‘do nothing’ option.
Understandably, our projects have featured cost and schedule constraints as critical factors. IPMG has developed a strong reputation for meeting and exceeding expectations for management of these factors and we consistently close out projects on time and on schedule.

IPMG will utilise flexibility of resources to apply project scheduling and cost management skills through tools such as PrimaVera P3E and MS Project to plan and schedule projects in customer-preferred formats. Project Managers will identify and involve key internal and external stakeholders in applying best practice methodologies to project planning activities that ensure minimal cost and schedule variation throughout project life.

IPMG’s experience in project scheduling and cost control is wide and varied, with involvement in a wide range of projects, utilising systems such as critical chain methodology to obtain most effective and efficient scheduling and cost management outcomes.
IPMG Project Managers have extensive experience dealing with the Adelaide consulting industry, particularly in dealing with State Government business. IPMG has been heavily involved in the utilisation of Consultants for both ‘soft’ research and investigation projects and as technical representatives in construction projects. During the past twelve months IPMG managed 25 ‘soft’ projects, with total value of Consultant input approximately $1.3M, and 13 construction projects with total value of Consultant input approximately $2.5M, working with firms such as Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR), Gutteridge, Haskins and Davey (GHD), URS, Tonkin Consulting, Australian Water & Environments, Parsons Brinkerhoff, Geo Ocean Horizon, Maunsell and Optimatics.
IPMG are able to provide on site construction management activities for all projects. The critical element of successful management of the work site is the development of strong interfaces between all stakeholders, particularly the Client – Designer – Contractor interface. The development of strong reporting and communication methodologies ensures that effective working relationships are established and maintained throughout the life of construction activities. Services are provided by either the project manager themselves or for permanent on site construction management, IPMG will resource as required.

Contractor management and contract administration are also essential and concurrent project management processes and IPMG has broad experience in dealing with contractors and subcontractors, dealing with legal issues and in applying mediation tools and techniques for dispute resolution. IPMG’s record is such that all disputes have been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties – we always seek a win-win solution.
IPMG has been involved with a large number of projects involving not only transfer of project information to clients, but also the development of procedural and training manuals, development and presentation of training courses and formal post implementation reporting and reviewing processes. These have included retained tutorial presentation duties at tertiary education level and professional accreditation application assessment services.

IPMG project managers will conduct post implementation reviews against project objectives, review effectiveness and efficiency of project methodology adopted, and provide recommendations for improved effectiveness and efficiency.
IPMG is in a unique position within the Adelaide Project Management industry. All our Project Managers are involved in ongoing professional training, which along with our strong attendance at industry seminars and representation on industry bodies. Our Managing Director is the past President of the Australian Institute of Project Management (SA Chapter 2003 to 2008) and inivolvement continues to provide a working understanding of current industry best practice principles and techniques.

Through the involvement in industry forums, along with the extensive experience of the Project Management team, IPMG has developed a strong network of Public and Private industry organisations that allow for sharing of knowledge and resources and facilitates ongoing improvement in service quality and capability. The strong knowledge transfer process utilised by IPMG ensures industry best practice and innovation are communicated to the client.

While IPMG are not design engineers, our combination of engineering experience and qualification in Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering provides the background for strong advisory input into efficient system design and implementation.
  • Project Planning
  • Design Development
  • Tender Preparation and Evaluation
  • Stakeholder Liaison
  • Project Evaluation, Monitoring and Control
  • Project Scheduling and Cost Management
  • Consultant Management
  • Construction Management and Contract Administration
  • Project Close Out and Knowledge Transfer
  • Networking and Industry Best Practice
  • Additional services such as Environmental Management, project site OHS and environmental auditing
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