Project Management Experience Tested And Proven In The Field

About IPMG

IPMG was established in 1995 and has evolved into a project management, construction management and environmental management company with a niche in the water industry, predominantly working for clients who have $100M plus in capital works to spend and need someone to help achieve their goals.

IPMG’s management team will utilise internal quality management procedures, relevant client internal
procedures, and best practice principles to ensure we provide quality service at all times.  Our internal quality system has been designed largely in-house, designed to provide high level of control and client accountability for project activities and outcomes at all times. The custom nature of the system ensures both best planning and management outcomes for our clients, and allows us flexibility to modify our activities in line with changes to client practices. Our team has a strong mix of experience, skills and qualifications with Design, Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Environmental Management and Workplace Health and Safety, and this strong culture ensures all activities are carried out with thought given to these key management issues.

Through the extensive experience in project management, membership of a number of state and national industry bodies, professional affiliations and the wide range of previous employment positions held in both government and non-government organisations, IPMG has established a large network of government and industry contacts genuinely possible only through lengthy experience in the field.  Our professional project experience allows us to draw on a wide range of resources required to complete projects, and allows us to utilise skills and knowledge of a wide and varied base of individuals and organizations for both short and long term assignments.  

Equally, due to the combination of the high level of education, extensive experience and continuing professional development training accrued throughout the group, all IPMG project managers have strongly developed communication, consultation and conflict resolution skills, particularly in dealing with project stakeholders and the community, and can demonstrate processes of lateral and analytical thinking. Several of our staff have significant experience working with traditional owners, facilitating approval processes and working together on construction issues.

IPMG’s team of project managers have been involved with a number of major public and private sector clients such as SA Water, MDBA, DEWNR, DEH, DHS, DFW, Transport SA, Electranet, Adelaide Brighton Cement, State Water NSW, Dept NSW Land and Housing, SAGRIC, DAIS, Flinders Ports, ION Automotive, Maunsell McIntyre, Savant, Tenix, Castalloy, Schefenacker, Sola Optical, UniSA and TAFE SA. Repetitive and ongoing business with the State Government has been the core workload of IPMG for the past 17 years.

Services provided range from roles as project management, program management, project coordination,
environmental management, environmental auditor, mechanical, civil, environmental and electrical engineering, scheduling, logistics planning, capital works facilitating, cost control, contract administration, lecturing, IT help desk provision and systems development and training.

IPMG has been involved in a large number of projects requiring government and utility input.  IPMG has been delivering Public and Private based infrastructure projects since 1995, with combined experience for the management of an estimated $1B+ in total project value.  IPMG has a high level of understanding of the complex nature of infrastructure issues, and has managed approval processes, consultation and negotiation with a wide and varied spectrum of stakeholders.  Through due diligence processes incorporated into our project delivery system, IPMG has managed projects involving issues, including facilitation of necessary approvals, such as Native Vegetation, Aboriginal Heritage, Native Title, Urban Planning, Electricity Supply Networks, Water and Wastewater Supply Networks, State and Federal Environmental Issues, Local Councils, Transport Network and State and Federal Heritage.

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